Al-Ahly reveals the candidate's technical director after the failure of negotiations with Gomez

 A source in Ahli reveals the candidate coach after the failure of the negotiations with Gomez

An official source confirmed that the club Ahli, the ball during the current period to negotiate with Uruguayan coach Gustavo Matosas, after the failure of negotiations with Portuguese coach Jose Gomez, who apologized In the final moments of the technical leadership of the Ahli.

The official website of the Ahli club also confirmed that the Uruguayan coach has been on the list of candidates for the training of the club Ahli next period, next to another Czech coach, and the official website that the coaches on the list of candidates are all

The coach is the candidate for the artistic leadership of the national, Gustavo Matosas, the Uruguayan and Argentinian nationalities, and has played in the defensive center of more than 12 clubs, including Sao Paulo, the Spanish Malaga and Tianjin Teda.

Gustavo Matosas began his coaching career in 2002 with Villa Espana, while he took charge of De La Pata. He is currently a free coach. He has trained 15 clubs in 16 years and has won the UEFA Cup, Mexico Cup and CONCACAF Cup. 2014.

As He took over the Saudi club Al Hilal in 2016 before being dismissed by the administration after rejecting the management's recommendation to place specific players during the formation of the team.

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