FIFA has been dissolved in Ghana over a corruption scandal

Accra - The Arabs today

The National Football Federation of Ghana (NFA) was dissolved after a confidential investigative report revealed the involvement of the president and other officials in a corruption scandal involving more than 100 African rulers and officials.

The first of the African Union "K" Kuesi Nyantaki receives $ 65 thousand dollars in cash from an undercover journalist who claimed to be a businessman from the Middle East and seeks to invest in football in the country.

The documentary team invited Niantaki to a high-cost hotel and told him That he would meet a wealthy businessman who wanted to enter into a union sponsorship deal

Niantaki signed the sponsorship deal with a portion of the return to a company owned by him.

Niantaki, who is also vice president of the African Football Confederation and a member of the International Football Federation (FIFA), has not commented on the charges against him. On the resolution of the dissolution of the Union.

Ghanaian news websites quoted Ghanaian sports minister Isaac Asyama as saying that "the Football Association has been resolved immediately."

The Minister of Information Mustafa Abdel Hamid said the government decided to dissolve the Football Association A day after officials including the vice president of the union appeared in a documentary film they were receiving

The documentary takes two hours and is titled "When Greed and Corruption, of course," is the production of incandescent journalist Anas Arimiao. It was broadcast on Wednesday for the first time weeks after it was presented to the Ghanaian authorities.

On the right to share videos and footage of the bribes received by the journalist, which he obtained using controversial methods.

The Ghana Football Association announced its willingness to cooperate fully with the investigative authorities.

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