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The films «Passenger Aleppo - Istanbul» and «Men Only at Burial» participated in the Arab Film Festival in Korea. The «Musafer: Aleppo - Istanbul» film «Arab» even though it is directed by Turkish Andash Hazendar Oglu. The film starred by Sabra Mubarak deals with a Syrian theme with distinction. The "Men Only at Burial" is Emirati by Abdullah Al Kaabi. The films drew attention at the 7th edition of the Arab Film Festival in Korea (June 1-6), held in Seoul, Busan City, and the filmmakers of the distribution of Mad Solution in the Arab world.

Apart from Saba Mubarak and the girl Rowan Skaf We know that all the actors in «Passer Aleppo - Istanbul» are real Syrian refugees and represent for the first time. The film tells the journey of Lena and Mary as they flee the war in Syria. Lina, a 10-year-old girl, lost her family in the war and had to start her journey to Turkey with her infant sister and neighbor Maryam, accompanied by other refugees. Lena wants to return home, while Mary hopes to reach Europe.

The film "Men Only at Burial" begins at the end of the 1980s, when a blind mother receives her daughters to reveal a hidden secret, but dies before You can do it. During the funeral, the girls try to deal with the sudden death of their mother and work together to reveal her secret by searching for evidence for the visiting visitors to comfort the family, and gradually, in solace, the details of their lives are revealed, causing the tension between the family members to rise.

3 Short Film Festivals

For his part, the short film "Sweetness" by director Hana Saleh Al Fassi is a busy film tour, in which she participates and competes in the film. 3 international festivals in June this year are m (1-10 June), the 15th session of the Festminage International Festival, France, 30 May - 30 June, and the Arab Cinema Festival in Paris, June 23 - July 8. 19659003] "Halawa" tells the story of a Muslim girl who reaches the age of puberty at the age of fourteen, and decides to hide her conservative family to avoid wearing the black veil. When she is beaten in the school by beating the jacket she wears, an identity crisis emerges revealing the corruption of her father. The first world premiere of the film was held at the 14th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival in the short Gulf Muhr competition.

The film is directed by Hanaa Saleh Al Fassi and starring King Radwan, Ayman Saman and Sara Hazmi. It is produced by Hanaa Al Fassi and Shannon Eme, co-founder of Ax Pictures , And Alex Lamsus and Melika Vrijuk, CEO and co-founder of the company's subsidiary in Morocco. The film also received partial financial support from the INJAZ Film Production Support Fund and distributed by MAD Solutions in the Arab world.

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