Summary of the episode 23 of the series "Rahim" Yasser Jalal

Cairo - Shaimaa Makkawi

The artist Mohamed Riad "Hilmi" was unable to shoot in the chest of his friend Yasser Jalal, after his daughter "Reem" falsely claimed that "Rahim" harassed her, "Rahim."

"Helmi" was angry and went to "Rahim" and addressed him with some insulting words, but "Rahim" said only one word: "If I had believed that I was working at Reem, kill me."

He took his gun and shot two shots in the wall. Then he directed other insulting words to his friend. Then he decided to cut his relationship with him completely. He left his wife and daughter in the palace where they lived with the Rahim family. A way to hurt him, including his cooperation with Brigadier General "Ahmed Deeb" and the leak of dangerous information about him "Rahim."

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