World Cup raises the share of "Samsung" market screens in Egypt for 37%

Cairo - Arab Today

Samsung has made a big leap in its total sales of smart screens, bringing its market share to 37% of all companies producing screens.

His company has launched a campaign in preparation for Egypt's participation in World Cup # 02018 and has relied on large discounts that have driven its screen sales to 300,000 units during the first four months of this year.

But he estimated the total internal and external sales of the company's factory in Egypt With about 800 thousand units, of which 500 thousand units were exported to 36 countries To the world level and the rest to the Egyptian market.

The sales of the first four months of this year rose by 24% compared to the same period last year, he said, adding that the company launched several new 75-inch television screens In order to provide a good opportunity to watch the World Cup on the large screens and the high quality.

The Samsung Egypt launched the "Al-Koura TV" on the preparations of the World Cup #, which provides the latest Samsung TVs produced locally.

Millions of screens per year, 85% of its production is exported, WA The second is distributed locally, with an investment of $ 270 million, with 2,000 employees, all of them Egyptian, except for 11 Korea employees.

The transmission of satellite channels to hd technology and uhd opens up new investment opportunities to launch new products, That the past period has witnessed a remarkable development in the level of after-sales services through the campaign "always Maak" and mobile maintenance vehicles during the summer season.

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