5 About Johnson the closest to the British premiership


5 About Johnson the closest to the British premiership

After the resignation of Teresa May, Boris Johnson was the most likely candidate for the post of British prime minister. In the latest opinion poll on June 8, he came close to 13% after he had only 1 to 50 chances before the general election. The site puts him "SkyBet" in the chance of up to 1 of 5 chances.

The British often compare Johnson and US President Donald Trump not only to the hair and style of the style, but also to their behavior. The man is known in the UK in his strange and unexpected ways. In the following lines, we review five of the basic facts and facts about Boris Johnson His almost varied and controversial biography:

The bricast man

The first fact: that the man formed an important link in the project "The Breakest" and emerged strongly in that framework in 2016 as one of the most prominent figures in the campaign "leave to vote," which aims at the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

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Johnson was a leading candidate for prime minister following Cameron's resignation after the Britons voted on the bricast, describing the event as "Britain's Independence Day." Despite the momentum, he said he would not campaign to be prime minister, , And eventually became the leader of the party, and prime minister, while he chose to become foreign minister.

dual nationality

The second fact is that Johnson has dual British and American citizenship, although he has given up on the latter. What happened is that Boris's birth was in New York City. His parents, Stanley Johnson and Charlotte Fossett, both English citizens, moved to the United States and their son was born there. On the American and British nationalities at the time of his birth.

A fine with New York seems not to have ended. In January he visited and met with a group of Trump, and the city itself is Trump's hometown and favorite for him before Washington arrives as president.

In 2014, Johnson was shocked by a huge US tax bill from the US Tax Service because of the capital gains, which he initially opposed, and eventually ended up paying.

In 2015, Boris pledged to give up his US citizenship to show his loyalty to the UK, and he fulfilled that promise in 2016 when he announced that he had already given up.

Mayor of London

The third truth: Boris Johnson took over as Mayor of London for eight years. After building a political base, he decided to run in 2007 for the post in the 2008 election.

The Conservative Party did not take his candidacy seriously, but as soon as a prominent candidate withdrew from the election, Johnson got Cameron's support, began receiving many other endorsements, and was eventually chosen as a conservative candidate by far. , Where he received 79% support in the city-level primary.

In August 2008, Johnson publicly endorsed Barack Obama as US president. Johnson was re-elected in 2012 in another race for the post of mayor, and then successfully oversaw London's hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

During his tenure, he sparked controversy on many issues and decided not to seek re-election in 2016 as London's current mayor, Sadiq Khan, won as a member of the Labor Party.

A press march

Fact 4: Boris Johnson was once attacked as a journalist for forging information. Prior to that, he was a writing enthusiast, especially in Oxford, where he was co-editor of the satirical journal Tributary.

Shortly after graduating, Johnson realized that he did not want to be an administrative consultant, and began his career through his training in The Times, but that was where the trouble was. He quoted an article on the archaeological discovery of the old Edward II palace, The citation of a well-known historian, has been dismissed shortly after the discovery of forgery.

Then he found a job in the Daily Telegraph. He was appointed to the newspaper's office in Brussels and quickly became known as one of the city's best journalists, though many others were still critical of him. He was once rejected as a military reporter and promoted to be an assistant The editor of the newspaper and columnist for the political column, which he held from 1994 to 1999.

He was then offered to work for a lucrative right-wing job in The Spectator magazine. The cycle grew with him to success, and revenue and distribution rose by about 10 percent, although former employees complained that he was often late for meetings and tasks. Has been criticized for allowing a columnist to publish racist and anti-Semitic language.

Soon after leaving the press where Johnson found his way to politics, he did not give up writing. He continued to write columns for the newspapers, appeared on television when he was a deputy, and wrote a number of books.

Marriage and children

Fact Five: Married twice and has five children. The first time he went to Oxford, Johnson entered into a relationship with Allegra, and eventually married in 1987. But their marriage lasted only six years and he got divorced in 1993 after several times. Try reconciliation.

Later in 1993, Johnson met with Marina Wheeler, the daughter of journalist Sir Charles Wheeler, and eventually married in May 1993. He had four children: two daughters (Lara and Cassia) and two boys (Milo and Theodore). That Johnson has a daughter with another woman, working as an art consultant

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