A response from Amr Adib to his attackers because of lemon


A response from Amr Adib to his attackers because of lemon

Media journalist Amr Adib was subjected to a fierce attack after being suspended during his interview.

Where Amr Adib's comment came because of the high prices of lemon and the price of kilo to 100 pounds.

He asked, "Is this a citizen of Pishtri a kilo of lemon a day?"

"I understand the importance of oil and sugar, what is the importance of lemon?" Said Amr Adib.

Adib pointed out that the response was strange, saying: "By working for his lemon .. Ok, what is the work of his oranges, or its fruits, the country is full of summer orange."

"I entered the kitchen today and I told them they used the lemon in it? .. And no need .. And I received the people to repeat the story of Kda." Amr Adib said during his interview with the program «Alhkaya» broadcast on the channel «MBC Egypt»:

He added: "In the era of the Sisi lemons at LE100, and the Morsy of the manga for 4 pounds, and for the liar, for 4 pounds, it is a need. A country consumes 100 million every day. What did they get?" They say, "Life is a life without lemon."

Saying: «Lemon EGP 100 pounds last month will remain at 3 pounds».

Adib said: "There are things in the sense of the suffering of the human body … but what leverages lemon."
Agriculture reveals the reasons for the insane rise in lemon prices

Lemon prices have risen in recent days, sparking controversy over social networking sites.

Along with large campaigns to boycott the purchase.

Which led to the exit of the Ministry of Agriculture statements that reveal the reasons for the high price.

The director of the Horticulture Institute of the Agricultural Research Center, said the high prices of lemon crop.

Due to three reasons:

– The export of the crop this year.

– Climate changes in Egypt.

– A third biological cause called June fall.

The Director of the Institute of orchards Agricultural Research Center that the current prices of lemon exceeded the normal limit.

Because of the exploitation of the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, and the failure of most farmers to collect the crop so far.

And on the impact of climate change on the crop, he explained that climate change by the end of February and March last

And make the lemon contract a few and small.

Adding: The fall of June affects the crop and makes its price high, besides the exploitation of traders for the lack of supply to raise prices.

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