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"Who killed the former president Mohamed Morsi ..?!

Before we look for the answer, we must agree on several facts:

First, any country in the world is responsible for the human rights of prisoners and when a prisoner is denied treatment, the state has committed a heinous crime against a person who can not defend himself. There are many reports from Egyptian and international organizations confirming that the Sisi system uses deliberate medical negligence as a means of harassing political detainees. 245 detainees in Egypt died of deliberate medical negligence, such as Nubian activist Jamal Sorour, who died of a coma sugar after the prison administration refused to introduce medicines. Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh has severe heart problems and the prison administration refrains from treating him, as does Dr. Hazim Abdel-Azim, who needs a bone operation that the prison administration refuses to carry out. Mohamed Morsi – may God have mercy on him – has complained more than once of the prevention of drugs from him, which eventually led to his death.

Second: Over the past six years, Mohamed Morsi has been tried on numerous charges such as communicating with Hamas and opening prisons with the help of Hamas during the January revolution. The Egyptians were then surprised that Hamas leaders were visiting Egypt, meeting senior officials, holding press conferences and then returning to Gaza without being arrested. But Sisi said:

"If Mohamed Morsi had been warned by the army and agreed to hold a referendum on what happened to him what happened"

All this confirms that the charges against Morsi are not true and that his trial is unfair

Third: Terrorist operations do not stop in Egypt and have led to the deaths of thousands of civilians, policemen and soldiers. This terrorism began after the isolation of the Muslim Brotherhood from the government and after a fourth massacre committed by the Sisi regime. It is worth mentioning that Mohammed Al-Beltagy, the Brotherhood leader, once said:

The moment Morsi returns to power, all terrorist operations in Sinai will stop.

The Muslim Brotherhood is, without a doubt, linked to terrorist attacks targeting Egyptians. This link may be direct in the sense of planning and implementation and may be indirect in the sense of encouragement and coordination.

Fourth: When a person dies, it becomes unacceptable to talk about disagreements that occurred first with him because he died and can not defend himself, and second, because these differences have passed with his death. This is true in the case of the ordinary citizen, but in the case of the public official, the differences do not end with his death because they are not personal differences, but differences on public affairs must be discussed in his life and after his death because the evaluation of the policies and actions of the public official is an indispensable step for the repair of errors and achievement Public interest.

Fifth: the dramatic death of President Morsi led to the bidding and exaggerations of both opponents and supporters. Morsi's opponents refuse to sympathize with his death and assert that he is a terrorist, a spy and an agent of the US intelligence. These are, of course, random charges that there is no evidence of because Mursi until his death did not receive a fair trial. Morsi's supporters have been so overcome by religious emotions that some have likened him to the prophets: "Mohamed Mursi is the first democratically elected civilian governor in Egypt's history."

Since 1954, until the abolition of democracy by Nasser in 1954, the Egyptians democratically elected, several times, the leader Saad Zaghloul and the leader Mustafa al-Nahhas for the presidency of the republic. Ministers. Another reason that makes this statement false is that it has been proven conclusively that all the elections won by the Muslim Brotherhood, during which they bought the votes of the poor, either in cash or in bags of oil and sugar. The case is still pending before the courts, accusing the Brotherhood of buying votes, falsifying electoral tickets and preventing the inhabitants of villages with a Coptic majority from voting in the presidential elections in which Morsi won. The case has been dismissed by several judges because if they ruled that rival candidate Ahmed Shafiq would win, Sisi would then become an illegitimate president. As for the argument that Morsi is a civilian president, he is half the truth. It is true that he is not a military man, but he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has armed militias that have emerged in many events such as the attacks of the Federalism and the siege of the Media Production City. And pledged to send ten thousand young Brotherhood trained as a down payment. The president belonging to a group with an armed organization is not a civilian president.

Who killed Mohammed Mursi ..?

The Sisi regime, which put him in solitary confinement and deprived him of his right to medical care. But was the Sisi system the only killer or was the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau also involved in killing him when he pushed him into a power struggle?

I have met former President Mursi several times before and after he took office. From next week, I will publish everything detailed in my interviews with Mursi and I will leave the reader with the right to decide what he wants about Mursi and his responsibility for the unfortunate situation that we have reached in Egypt now.

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