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Arab and European ministers on Tuesday welcomed a ceasefire in Gaza and called for renewed efforts to promote peace in the Middle East and to steer talks between the Palestinian and Israeli leaderships. The European Union hailed signs of hope for Middle East peace after a ceasefire was declared in Gaza on Sunday and Israel said it was ready to release many Palestinians jailed for the captured soldier. The ministers and Arab officials meeting with their European counterparts at the Euro-Mediterranean Forum, held this year in the Finnish town of Namibere, welcomed recent developments. In a joint statement following the Tampere meeting, Arab and European ministers called for "the re-adoption of efforts to advance the Middle East peace process … and encourages (the) ministers / parties to pursue direct dialogue and negotiation." The EU called on Palestinians and Israelis to work on A meeting was held between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He also welcomed what he called indications that all parties, including Hamas, were ready to establish an internationally acceptable Palestinian government. (Reuters)

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