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Clashes between the army and the Mai Mai Yakutumba group continued on the weekend of June 22-23. Bilan: four dead and four wounded for the day of June 22 in the territory of Fizi, according to Dieudonné Kasereka, spokesman for the Congolese army. He says the situation is under control. "We confirm that Yakutumba uses rebels from foreign countries to loot property and terrorize the Congolese population. We, the army, can not let our people suffer like this, we will defend them until the ultimate sacrifice, " explains the FARDC spokesman.

"We fight bad governance"

Mai Mai Yakutumba promise not to give up their weapons as long as, "the army will still be controlled by Joseph Kabila, the outgoing president, " explains their spokesman, who calls himself Dalton. "We are fighting the Congolese army and bad governance, we are not fighting against the people. When Joseph Kabila took power, he promised the people to build roads, that education would be free and that health care would be of good quality. It was in the frame of his program of the five yards. He had also promised the return of peace in the Kivus but so far, the situation remains unchanged, there are assassinations everywhere. And as he did not respect that we continued to fight his system, " says the spokesperson.

Armed groups

Absence of the Congolese state, deliquescent security system, porous borders: the ingredients seem to be united so that insecurity persists in this part of the Congo. Insecurity also due to the presence of armed groups affiliated with countries bordering the DRC, including Rwanda and Burundi, says Jason Stearn of the Research Group on Congo at New York University.

He recently published a report on suspicious movements of Rwandan rebels in the South Kivu highlands. "Since last year, there has been violence between the Congolese army on one side, which is often allied with militias on the ground, and Mai Mai groups as well as Burundian rebels present on the ground ", He says. "This is a very complex situation that is causing the displacement of many people in South Kivu, it is difficult to say who is coming into contact with whom, but what is really worrying is the presence of foreign forces." says Jason Stearn.

A presence of the Rwandan and Burundian foreign forces in the DRC which makes fear a regionalization of the dispute between the two countries.

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