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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was absent from the scene on Saturday (June 22, 2019), hours before the controversial re-election of the Istanbul mayor, while opposition candidate Akram Emam Oglu organized two mass rallies on the last day of campaigns and before the electoral silence.

"I've been on the streets for six months, I've gone to every suburb (in Istanbul), I never attacked my adversary personally," Imamoglu told his supporters in the conservative district of Sultan Beyli on the Asian side of the city. "Love and respect will win."

Election campaigns were suspended on Saturday from 6 pm (1500 GMT) ahead of Sunday's election.

Despite Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he is not an electoral contender but is more active in the election campaign than his party's candidate, the Labor and Development Party, the last prime minister before the adoption of the presidential system, Ben Ali Yildirim. Erdogan, who declined to appear on the last day before the elections, has been waging a strong campaign since last Monday on the opposition candidate.

Erdogan's campaign against Akram Emamoglu has reached insults and accusations, including alleged links to terrorism. Emamoglu, a moderate candidate of the secular Republican People's Party (CHP), has denied the charges and has largely declined to respond to the insults.

Imamoglu pledged to reverse the "illegality", referring to the decision to return without naming the Electoral Commission. "We will work day and night, Istanbul has a lot of issues, we are coming to justice," he told hundreds of his supporters at a separate rally in Oscodar. He called on supporters to "protect the ballot box" on Sunday.

Imam Oglu, 49, won the election of the Istanbul mayor on March 31, just a short distance from Ben Ali Yildirim, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) candidate, with 14,000 votes. However, after receiving requests from the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the Election Commission decided to cancel the finding on the grounds of irregularities and set a date for its return on 23 June. The Commission's decision was met with international criticism.

Türkei Kurden Öcalan-Flagge (Getty Images / AFP / O. Kose)

Some observers believe that the Kurdish vote is likely to win one of the candidates.

The Kurdish Voice

In the meantime, there was a clash over the Kurdish voice after receiving information on the invitation of the leader of the PKK detained Abdullah Ocalan Kurds to stand on neutrality. However, Reuters reported that the pro-Kurdish Democratic People's Party had reiterated its support for the opposition candidate for mayor of Istanbul, Akram Emamoglu.

The official Anatolia news agency reported that the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan called (on Thursday), supporters of the Democratic Peoples Party pro-Kurdish, to abide by political neutrality in the municipal elections in Istanbul, indicating that it may suggest that they abstain.

Observers believe that Kurdish support was instrumental in helping Emamoglu overcome a slight margin over ruling party candidate Ben Ali Yildirim in the March elections.

Turkish President Erdogan commented on what he attributed to Ocalan, saying he indicated a "serious power struggle" among Kurdish leaders.

But the People's Party replied in a statement that what he described as "President Erdogan's efforts to incite our party against Mr. Ocalan through an unethical text that shows an unethical way … shows how desperate he is." "There is no change in the strategy of the Democratic People's Democratic Party or in its tactical steps," the statement added.

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