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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President George W. Bush's national security adviser, John Bolton, has condemned Iran's "consistent" silence over Washington's offer of negotiations despite escalating tensions between the two sides. "The president has left the door open for genuine negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminate Iran's nuclear weapons program, its ballistic missile delivery systems, its support for international terrorism and its other harmful conduct worldwide," Bolton said. "All Iran has to do is to cross this open door," he said. "In contrast, Iran's silence was applied," he said during a visit to Jerusalem.

Bolton said on Tuesday (June 25, 2019) that his country was still ready to hold talks with Iran, in remarks that came after the United States tightened sanctions on Tehran. Bolton's remarks at the start of a meeting with his Israeli and Russian counterparts in Jerusalem are expected to focus on Iran and Syria.

Iran's UN envoy Majid Takht Rwanji told reporters on Monday that his country would not accept talks with the United States while it was under threat of sanctions.

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