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British press sites revealed the intention of 250 British women sued the manufacturer of one of the tissues commonly used in breast implants, where the agency registered medicines and health care products MHRA In Britain, 32 reports of women suffering from side-effects of breast implants.

Women say the breast implants they underwent Her cause them In problems including stress, sleep disorders and depression, the Daily Mail reported.

Women are linked to 57 rare cases of leukemia and their procedure for breast implants. Other women claim that they have not been warned of the potential risks of farming before they undergo it..

Some doctors believe the risk of this type of tumor after breast implants is only one in 28,000, but a study suggests that the risk of infection may rise to one in 3,800 when the company's fabric is used, Which women want to bring to justice.

According to the British Society for Plastic Surgery, the number of operations performed by certified surgeons has reached nearly 8,000 during the past year.

"Women should be warned about the side effects of breast implants," said Nura Nugent, spokeswoman for the association. "The complaint should be taken from the psychological symptoms after the operation seriously."He said.

It is worth mentioning, France decided In April Banning a number of breast implants After injury to women who had a rare tumor in the blood. The ban includes some models of industrial breasts. The medical authorities considered the ban a "precautionary measure" based on a rare risk caused by "dangerous but dangerous" operations.

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