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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President George W. Bush has avoided talking about a civil war in Iraq on Tuesday and said Washington's conditions for talks with Iran had not changed and that Tehran should stop enriching nuclear fuel first. Asked about the difference between Iraq's current bloodshed and civil war, he said the latest bombings were part of a pattern of nine-month-old attacks by al Qaeda militants aimed at fueling sectarian violence by provoking revenge attacks. After talks with Estonian President Thomas Ilves on his way to a NATO summit in neighboring Latvia, Bush said while the Iraqi government was free to talk to Iran to help end the violence, US conditions for direct talks with Tehran remained unchanged. "As far as the United States is concerned, Iran knows the means to get to the table with us – to carry out what it has said it will do – to stop its enrichment program in a verifiable manner," he told a joint news conference. "Iraq is a sovereign country that has its own foreign policy, they are talking to neighboring countries and if that's what they think they should do, that's fine," he said. (Reuters)

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