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Hundreds of security activists stormed Climate of an alliance "Ende Gelaende" In Germany on Saturday (22 June 2019) brown coal mine "Garatsviller, "west of the country The police spoke of some of the members of the injury by the intrusion, but did not specify Number. "Activists continue their march towards the mine," the police wrote in a tweet. "Here the police were attacked and wounded Some of them"He said.

According to the information of the German police union, two policemen were injured as of today noon. They were probably injured when they fell during the mine. Hundreds of schoolchildren in the Hohenwekirche district of western Germany marched to the Brownsmith coal mine Saturday as part of international protests known as "Fridays for the Future" to demand a fight against climate change.

Some 2,500 people are expected to take part in the protest, which will include acts of non-violent civil disobedience to stop the work in the mine, the largest in Germany and back to the giant energy company RWE.

Another rally of 3,000 people is scheduled to take place this afternoon between the Gartsweller mine and the town of Kinnberg. The demonstrations are organized by the "Ende Gelaende", Which classifies itself as a civil disobedience protest movement that seeks to limit global warming by phasing out fossil fuels.

Late on Friday, about 800 protesters stopped train tracks in the area, which usually operates as a coal transportation route to the RWE power plant in the Nuerat area.

The "Fridays for the Future" protest network is largely composed of school students and is led by Swedish activist Greta Tunberg, 16. The protests, organized weekly by the activist outside parliament in Stockholm, culminated in a global strike on May 24 in 131 countries.


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