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Getting plenty of sleep is a vital need for everyone on the planet. The human body needs to sleep to sharpen energy and cope with the demands of life, especially in recent decades.

As temperatures rise, especially in the summer, sleep becomes a real "nightmare" for a large number of people, even though they go to bed early. However, this "seasonal" situation can be dealt with by relying on seven simple and effective steps, according to the German site "Maennersache".

Good ventilation

The German site says that enjoying a good sleep requires a good ventilation of the bedroom in order to keep it as cool as possible. He added that the windows must be opened in the morning and then closed after that and leave the room dark. "When you go to sleep at night, you have to leave the windows open.

A previous Dutch study has confirmed the need to leave the windows and doors of the room open at sleep, because it helps to reduce levels of carbon dioxide and improve ventilation and airflow, according to Reuters.

Choose suitable clothing

Choosing bedding covers and comfortable clothes is also important for a good sleep, as light cotton clothing helps absorb sweat during sleep. You should also avoid sleeping naked because you can feel cold.

Avoid eating at night

Refrain from eating late in the day of the necessary things in turn to sleep intermittently. In the evening, only snacks, such as salads, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese, are preferred.

do not drink a lot

Drinking enough water is very important for the body, which needs water daily. But at night and before going to sleep, you should avoid drinking water because it increases the desire to urinate significantly at night. To go beyond this, Maennersache recommends drinking a glass of green tea.

Warm bath

It is best to stay away from a cold bath before going to sleep and make up with a warm bath, because it is very suitable for sleeping.

Stay away from sports at night

Although a study in the Journal of Happiness has confirmed that there are great benefits to exercise, such as weight loss and cholesterol control, as well as memory and intelligence. However, in the summer and with high temperatures, it is preferable not to exercise before going to sleep, and do so at other times of the day.

Avoid electronics

Follow-up movies and series until late at night, among the things that make it difficult to get a good deal of sleep. Electronic and electrical devices raise the temperature of the bedroom. Blue light, for example, from mobile phone screens, has a negative effect on sleep. Therefore, it is preferable to stay away from electronic devices as much as possible in the hours before sleep.

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