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Following confrontations between these local and foreign armed groups from countries bordering the DRC, entire villages are living. Acting on the ground, these different armed groups would also be involved in conflicts between local communities namely Bafuliru, Babembe, Banyamulenge and Banyindu. Given the urgency of the situation, an intercommunity dialogue was initiated by the local authorities. The latter will take place from June 25 to 28.

The security situation has been unstable for years in the highlands of Minembwe. Often houses are burned in the villages, the inhabitants are killed when they are not forced to flee clashes between the different groups involved in the violence. This weekend again in the Lulenge sector, the hibitants of Kiombo had to flee clashes between armed groups and Congolese regular army. Master Thambwe is a resident of Fizi, he relates the situation. "In the territory of Fizi, for a while, there have been hostilities that we would call an international and interned conflict, there are the Rwandan army troops, the Burundian army troops who are coalescing with the Mai Mai and Banyamulenge national armed groups. It will be four hours since hostilities resumed between May Mai and Ngumino and their allies. "

This is a worrying situation that is causing a major population movement that humanitarian organizations are trying to respond to. This is the case of Paulin Bishakabalya, Program Officer of the Committee for Development and Humanitarian Assistance. He works in South Kivu with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). "There is a situation of instability in what could be considered as a triangle made up of Fizi center, part of Mukenge and towards Minembwe, and it is a question of a population movement which started from the month of May, and that continues until now with skirmishes going on between different ethnically-affiliated groups there, for the moment there have been humanitarian assessments that have been carried out under the initiative of OCHA, currently around 140,000 displaced people, "stresses Mr. Bishakabalya.

Intercommunity dialogue to solve the current crisis

Displaced people fleeing different conflicts … It is in this context of chronic insecurity that the governor of the South Kivu city decided to initiate an intercommunity dialogue to facilitate the return of peace. The latter will take place from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 June. Patient Bashombe is president of the civil society in South Kivu, he intends to participate. "We think it's good that communities come together to discuss their issues. The main thing is to be sincere in the exchanges. That every person who comes to these meetings come with solutions to get out of the crisis. We believe that civil society must participate if and only if there is the will of communities to disassociate themselves with local and foreign armed groups, " confirms Mr. Bashombe

While waiting for the beginning of the intercommunity dialogue the populations of the highlands of Minembwe continue to flee and find refuge in the neighboring cities.

According to Kivu Security, in the localities of Kalehe, Fizi and Uvira, there are suspicious movements of Rwandan rebels in the highlands of South Kivu.

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