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Fleeing the failed coup on Saturday, June 22nd, it was in Bahir Dar, regional capital of Amhara, that General Asaminew Tsige was shot dead on Monday, June 24th. He was the one who was responsible for the killings on Saturday, 22 June.

It was on this date that the president of this region, Ambachew Mekonnen, and one of his councilors, who were attending a meeting, were killed by an armed commando. The attorney general of the region, Migbaru Kebede also lost his life. In a separate attack, the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, General Seare Mekonnen, was killed a few hours later.

Risk of division of the country

Internal crises that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underestimated, according to Annette Weber. "I do not think he took the ethnic conflicts seriously enough, that it is apparently also a problem for him because many of these conflicts are internal Oromo issues, or conflicts in which Oromo groups have played a negative role", believes this expert from Ethiopia to the SWP, a German foundation for science and politics."It needs to be clearer on the issue and have a clearer policy because these ethnic conflicts must not take place in Ethiopia, they risk creating a division of the country."

More severity?

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed spoke on television after Saturday's attacks

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed speaks on television after attacks on Saturday, June 22

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took power following an alliance between the two big blocs, Amhara and Oromo. It has tried to democratize the country and legalize dissident groups. But this easing has also allowed a freer expression of ethnic tensions that result in deadly violence.

"One can imagine that it will generate repression and police control much more severe ", now considers Jean-Loup Schaal, president of the Association for the respect of human rights in Djibouti. "This runs counter to the policy of openness and liberalization he has undertaken."

Amhara is the second largest ethnic group in Ethiopia after the Oromo. These two ethnic groups have been at the forefront of two years of demonstrations that led to the fall of former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

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