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The prevalence of long lashes is increasing and the demand for them in beauty centers is increasing, but it is not simple and requires time and patience. Each artificial eyelash should be glued over the natural eyelash with a special adhesive, and the lashes are extended to look natural.

This process requires a relatively long time, the upper eyelid eyelashes only 150 to 250 eyelashes, so it can take up to three hours to process it! After finishing the false eyelashes, it should be kept dry for at least 24 hours until it is firmly fixed and fastened. This means that the water does not reach or perspire,.

But reaching the desired result is not always guaranteed, the eye may not look more attractive and beautiful with long lashes, or may lead to inflammation of the eyelids. This inflammation causes "blistering, pain and severe itching in the eye, and it is very disturbing," says Professor Christiana Bayerl, director of the Dermatology Hospital in the German city of Wiesbaden. Eyelashes can also cause allergies and eczema in the area around the eye, says Bayerl. "It may lead to temporary swelling of the upper and lower jaws"He said.

Its function is protection

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the eyelashes, the main function is to protect the eye from dust, sweat, wind and other weather factors, it serves as an eye barrier primarily. The cycle of growth ranges from four to six months, and remain between 100 and 150 days and then fall, and to grow other new, but perhaps not as much as desired by women, resort to false eyelashes. These are made of silk or artificial fibers or may be drawn from the mink fur, which is from the weasel family.

The cost of the first extension of natural eyelashes ranges from 150 to 220 euros in Germany. After a few weeks some false eyelashes fall with the natural fall, and therefore must be compensated and filling the spaces left by, and this cost about 60 euros.

Other than this method can be used temporary artificial eyelashes that can be self-placed and removed later, without having to go to the beauty center. Short or non-dense eyelashes can also be treated with prostaglandin, which helps grow eyelashes. This substance is used in the form of "preparations used in the treatment of eye diseases such as ophthalmology," according to a dermatologist, Christiane Baerl.

side effects

However, when injected with prostaglandin, which can help in the growth and growth of eyelashes, it has side effects that can lead to inflammation and redness of the eye. Therefore, doctors also use anti-inflammatory drugs. Bairl warns against frequent and long-term use of these injections, as they can lead to serious "serious consequences" and iris change "for a very long time, and may always remain", although they are rare, says Bayerl.

It may be that the health risks and side effects of false eyelashes and other methods to lengthen and thicken eyelashes, is not enough for some women to give up the idea and increase the beauty of the eyes and attractiveness, it must think about it and study well and consult specialists, especially those who suffer from eye problems or allergies. Cheap offers are not always tempting as they may be at the expense of quality and quality.

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