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The addition of fluoride to toothpaste is the most common use of this substance. According to German dental expert Stefan Zimmer, fluoride is an important component in the fight against tooth decay and should be introduced into any good toothpaste.

Fluoride strengthens the enamel layer in the teeth and replaces the minerals that are lost at the onset of decay. So talking about toothpaste recipes that are free of that substance and working on preparing it at home to avoid fluoride may not be a good idea.

Fluoride is produced by the interaction of salt with metals found in the earth or rocks, and therefore can be found in water, agricultural soil and many foods, as well as in the human body in the bones and teeth.

Although water naturally contains fluoride, this may not be sufficient to fight cavities and gum disease, leading to a number of desalination systems in the world adding to drinking water.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, citizens in the United States have benefited from the addition of fluoride in drinking water there for more than 70 years, leading to healthier teeth.

A dark side

But since 1990, some people began to wonder whether there was a link between adding fluoride to drinking water and cancer after testing mice with bone tumors after taking high-dose water.

After examining more than 2 million cancer deaths and 125,000 deaths in other countries that add fluoride to drinking water, such as the United States, no link has been established between the substance and the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute of the United States.

However, you should be careful to take fluoride ratios higher than medically permissible, as this can weaken the bones and muscles and cause problems in the nervous system of the human body.


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