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A recent study found that nearly half of German workers take on unhealthy physical conditions during work. The study, conducted by the German Confederation of Trade Unions (EFTU), under the title "Union of Good Work Index 2018," shows that 52% of workers in Germany work too long (30%) or often (22%), Including sitting or standing for long periods, or having to lean on their knees or be in tight places.

According to the study, published on Saturday (June 22, 2019), everyday life involves hard physical work for about a third of the country's workforce, even in the age of advanced digitization. The study included 8011 workers across Germany.

Office risk is greater than expected

In the same context, sitting for a long time in the office is among the most inappropriate physical conditions at work, causing many health problems in the long term. The Süd-Deutsche Zeitung website says the consequences of sitting too often are not limited to health, but also to the health care system and businesses, which lose a lot of money as a result.

The same German site confirmed that long sitting at work also affects mental health. A previous Spanish study reported that people who spend more than 42 hours a week sitting up have a 31 per cent higher risk of mental illness because the lack of movement makes them tired.

Simple and fun solutions

In contrast, German specialist websites reported that the risk of sitting for hours at work could be effectively dealt with, based on some simple steps.

According to the site reported "manpower" Getting up from the office chair and walking for five minutes after every hour sitting on the desk helps you get more energy to help you do his job and feel more diligent on this exercise less tired at work.

The choice of a suitable back seat also gives great comfort to the rest of the body. The work chair should be of good height so that it does not damage the spine, which may suffer from sitting in the wrong way.

It is also important to do some sports activities at the time of the break, which helps the body to charge its own battery. Practicing some yoga exercises, for example, is very useful for health and gives the office life a bit of fun.

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