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Imagine that you are touring the banks of the river. Suddenly your eye falls on the head of a wolf without eyes but with peaceful teeth. This is exactly what happened to a Russian young man named Pavel Yevimov on the banks of a river in northeastern Russia, according to the Siberia Times.

Researchers at the Sakha National Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the Jeki University Medical School in Japan, have studied, measured and the history of this discovery to come up with amazing facts. The wolf's skull is 40,000 years old and 40 centimeters long. This skull is available on thick fur not unlike the giant mammoth fur.

"It is a unique discovery of the remains of Plitocene wolf with well-preserved tissue," said Albert Protopov, a paleontologist at the Sakha Academy of Sciences.

The large size of this wolf's skull has made researchers an idea of ​​the evolution of wolves and their comparison with current wolves. For example, the length of Eurasian wolves today ranges from 23 to 28 centimeters, which means that wolves dating back to the prehistoric times are much weaker compared to current wolves, about 2 meters long (without tail), while wolves Current at an average of 1.60 meters with a significant difference between the different species, according to the publication of the German site Welt.

The wolf's complexion was shown at an exhibition in the Japanese capital of Tokyo with a group of objects dating back to the Ice Age. To date, scientists have found no explanation for why the skull alone remains in the ice without other organs.

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