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Information on Tuesday (June 25, 2019) quoted weather scientists as saying that the new heat wave coming from the Sahara will peak on Thursday and Friday. They warn that the phenomenon of global warming due to exceptional greenhouse gas emissions in the past has become a recurring phenomenon.

"The sun can shine continuously, and there is a lot of warm air coming to us from Africa," said Sabine Kruger of the German Meteorological Service, referring to the impact of the phenomenon particularly on southern European countries.

The highest temperatures in Germany since 70 Years

These scientists believe that Germany could see mid-week temperatures between the highest recorded more than 70 years ago. And the number

The record for the month of June dates back to 1947, with Frankfurt scoring 38.2. According to the Potsdam Climate Institute, the hottest summer in Europe since 1500 was recorded in the 21st century and was highest in 2018, 2010, 2003, 2016 and 2002.

In Austria, meteorological warning warned of the risk of violent storms with temperatures up to 37 degrees and the heat wave south of Scandinavia beginning Tuesday with about 30 degrees in Denmark and southern Sweden during the day. There were also warnings of "violent storms" in the United Kingdom.

The French Meteorological Agency has launched an orange alert in more than half of France, including the Parisian region. While the French remember a 2003 wave of violence that claimed the lives of 15,000 people, President Emmanuel Macaron assured the crowd of "the whole government" to confront the phenomenon.

Fire risk in Spain

In Spain, the Meteorological Agency announced a "heat wave" warning from Wednesday, expected to reach up to 42 degrees in the northeast. Spanish media published a series of tips, such as drinking water, covering the head and avoiding physical exertion during the day. It also warned of "high risk" of fires in some parts of the country.

The term "free wave" means high heat lasts for three days at night and day. The examination of the preparatory education certificate, which was scheduled for Thursday and Friday, was postponed until the beginning of next week.

On the Trocadero Square in Paris, tourists use umbrellas and hats in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower. The tower management published a chant saying, "Heat wave: Dear friends, the heat will be very high this week, take the sun, drink plenty of water and rest during your visit."

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