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A German detained in Syria on charges of supporting an organization has filed a lawsuit against his country to bring him home. A court spokesman in Berlin said on Tuesday (June 25, 2019) that the court had accepted the case, but no date had been set for the trial.

A statement by the German defense team, which includes lawyer Sida Pasay-Yildiz and lawyer Ali Aydin from Frankfurt, said the German government was constitutionally bound by the return of German Fabian G. Detained in northern Syria to his homeland, but the government does not act on the matter for political reasons. The statement pointed out that the German is threatened with the death penalty because of the political situation in northern Syria.

Pasay-Yildiz has received threatening letters containing racial insults to her and her family several times recently. The lawyer represented the victims during the trial of the right-wing NSO terrorist organization, and in other trials she defended other Islamists whom the authorities classified as security men.

According to the German newspaper Welt, With his younger brother in October 2014 from the German city of Kassel to Syria to join a hasty organization. A court spokesman also said the court had also received another suit demanding the return to Germany of a German fighter belonging to the Daash and currently detained in Iraq.

The German authorities have registered 118 members of the organization calling the terrorist, German or linked to Germany, detained abroad. 77 of them are in prisons in Syria, eight in Iraq. While the remains of about 160 of them lost abroad and do not know their fate, quoting the site, "Welt" German.

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