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The deputy head of the German police union, Jürg Radek, said there were sympathizers among the federal police, who were responsible for other border protection tasks in Germany, with right-wing nationalist parties. "There is a problem that many federal policemen have expressed in the form of sympathies with the right-wing nationalist party," Radek told the German daily Rheinsche Post on Monday (June 24, 2019).

Radek explained that the German government has never explained to the Federal Police why the police officers in 2015 and after the departure from the mandate provided by the law to prevent the illegal entry of the country despite their difficult task on the border, said: "This led to the sympathy of members of the federal police with the Alternative Party For the right-wing populist Germany, and the subsequent political consequences are the nomination of members of them in regional parliamentary elections for the Alternative Party for Germany. "

Radek said that the German government's appreciation over the years the governing coalition took over the federal police was not tangible. "There is no change in thought until the last three years," Radek said.

The Christian Democratic Party (FDP) politician, Friedrich Mertz, recently warned of the tendency of the police and soldiers of the Alternative Party for Germany, sparking a debate over the security policy of the German government. "We are losing clear parts of the army in favor of the Alternative Party for Germany, as well as the federal police," Peretz told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag on Sunday.

Meretz said that in order to counter this trend, the Christian Democratic Party, which belongs to Chancellor Angela Merkel, must also be a party that supports the security services unconditionally. "Only through clear solidarity on the part of the political community can we successfully combat any form of political extremism, "He said.


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