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The passengers of a cruise ship did not expect their river journey to turn into a real nightmare, almost ending some of them. On a river trip in the German capital of Berlin, while passing under a bridge there, some passengers were surprised by the water flowing uninterruptedly from the top. It soon became apparent to the passengers that the water flowing towards them was just a man's urine from the catapult, the German newspaper Tages Zeitung reported on Saturday (22 June 2019).

This disgusting act created a state of confusion on the surface of the boat, one of the passengers jumping from the surface of the boat Qarfa, which led to the injury of four passengers were injured as different as confirmed by the Berlin police

The same source said the case involved three women between the ages of 38 and 48, as well as a man (54 years), adding that the four passengers jumped from the top deck of the ship because of fear and disgust at the behavior of the unusual man.

The identity of the man, who appears to have escaped, has yet to be identified.

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