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The federal prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe in the west has sued eight members of a right-wing terrorist group calling itself the "Kimantz Revolution" that was planning terrorist acts, German media sources said. According to the federal prosecutor's investigation, this group was also planning to overthrow Merkel's government using force.

The eight men were accused of forming a terrorist group last September in the midst of protests in the eastern German city of Kemnets to launch attacks and to plan an armed insurgency, according to media reports from North and West Germany and the German newspaper Söddeutsche Zeitung on Tuesday (25 June 2019). Civil war in Berlin.

They called for the establishment of a group called "Planning for the Revolution"; after the founding of the group they called themselves the "Kimantas Revolution". But was unable to do anything, as the group was arrested on the first of October last year, according to the site "Spiegel Olayan" on Tuesday.

The prosecutor's office confirmed the case without giving further details. A prosecution spokeswoman said a press release on the suit was due to be published later in the day. The lawsuit is based on an assessment of electronic conversations conducted on the defendants' phones.

German prosecutors have long been investigating the group. The eight suspects are in custody. According to current investigations, most of the suspects are leaders of the "Holliganz" groups and groups of beheadheads and the neo-Nazi community in the city of Chemnitz in eastern Germany.

The German public prosecutor dismantled the organization on October 1, two days before the German Unity Day, where the organization was planning to carry out acts of violence on that day in Berlin. In March, prosecutor Peter Frank described the case against the Kimnets' revolution" As one of the most important issues that the prosecution is currently working in the field of counter-terrorism right-wing.

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