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German Federal Network Agency announced (BNetzA) Results of the auction of mobile frequencies for the fifth generation network in Germany on Wednesday (13) June), after the 497 round offers for 41 frequency bands in the 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz bands that will allow faster data transfer.

The fifth generation will be used (G5) To develop networks that will run connected factories or smart cities in Europe's largest economy, and self-driving cars.

The € 6.5 billion ($ 7.3 billion) raised from the process exceeded initial estimates of between € 3-5 billion. The auction began in mid-March this year and rose by 2 million euros, and the minimum allowed was raised more than six times last week, which led to the closure of the auction.


The highest bid came from Deutsche Telekom, followed by Vodafone and Telefonica in Germany (O2). While the company provided 1 &1 Drelic, the "virtual" company of United Internet, a successful bid to become a new operator entering the market.

While bidders complained about the high cost of the auction, warning that it could lead to a lack of investment in networks. A member of Deutsche Telekom's board said in a statement that the price could have been lower, and that "the frequency in Germany is more expensive than in other countries"He said.

Investments in telecommunication infrastructure

The terms of the auction require operators to provide high-speed coverage for 98 percent of the population by 2022, in addition to sharing their network with competitors under the "national roaming" clause in contracts.

The federal network agency said the auction proceeds Will go to cover the digital divide in the areas of telecommunications infrastructure and to improve mobile phone coverage to all regions of the country. Wireless networks in Germany rank 46th in the world for download speeds.

It is noteworthy that the figure collected did not set a record. In 2000, he collected the third generation auction (G3) More than 50 billion euros, a figure so high that it has caused the exit of a number of operators from the market, while collecting the fourth generation auction 5.1 Billion euros in 2015.

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