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The delegates of the two parties under discussion are, according to several sources, agreed on Thursday, June 20, on the distribution of ministerial portfolios. This government team would consist of 65 members, including 45 ministers and 20 deputy ministers, in which the FCC will occupy 30 ministries plus 12 deputy ministers. His ally, the CACH, should be content with 15 ministries and 8 deputy ministers.

"Discussions are not closed"

However, this information is rejected by the CACH. Rubens Mikindo, the Deputy Secretary General of the UDPS, also one of the coalition's negotiators, talks about speculation. "Unfortunately it's people talking, I wish we were the negotiators talking about it, there are discussions going on between CACH and the FCC to form the government," He said. "We have not yet finished these discussions, the only thing I can tell you is that we have already agreed on the quota and the nomenclature." When it comes to the portfolios and how to distribute them, we have not finished yet. "

When asked about the points already made, the CACH negotiator replies that he is "a little premature to talk about it because in principle the first time we have to reserve it to the President of the Republic who has delegated to us." The CACH seems reluctant to give more information on these negotiations, which have been going on for several days already.

"Agreement in principle"

Aimé Kilolo, one of the FCC's communications officers, the coalition of former president Joseph Kabila, although he does not confirm the number of ministers advanced by some Congolese media, gives more details. "An agreement in principle has been reached between the FCC and the CACH which is the realization of this new alliance that exists.The agreement mentions a distribution of 65% for the FCC and 35% for the CACH. in an objective manner, as is done in all modern democracies in terms of the political weight that is evaluated according to the number of deputies in the National Assembly ", Aimé Kilolo confirms.

Elected President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi was sworn in on January 24, 2019. It took him almost four months to appoint Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba, Prime Minister, on May 20. UDPS Deputy Secretary General Rubens Mikindo confirmed that the new government will be known by June 30, the anniversary of the independence of the DRC.

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