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The election of Ekrem Imamoglu as mayor of Istanbul is a sign that President Erdogan does not have absolute power. Süddeutsche Zeitung which recalls that the Turkish head of state strengthened his power by a change of constitution, a year ago.

Almost unknown only a few months ago, how can one understand then that he has imposed himself before the candidate of the ruling party?

For the Munich daily, this illustrates "the aspiration of the Turks to more harmony and social reconciliation after years of political demonization and exclusion of the regime's dissidents."

"But, shade the newspaperwithout the uncertainty generated by a deep economic crisis, Imamoglu would probably not have won so clearly. "

As a reminder, last March 31, his short victory was canceled under controversial conditions. For the Tageszeitungthe Turkish president had been misinformed.

And now, adds the newspaper, "He lost not only Turkey's most important city, but also his invincible image."

The victory of Imamoglu is that of democracy. "Voters were eager to defend their democratic rights"concludes the Berlin newspaper.

Moreover, the new mayor of Istanbul could be a serious competitor to President Erdogan during the next presidential election, scheduled for 2023, says the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

"Who wins Istanbul wins Turkey"writes the newspaper in reference to the famous saying of the Turkish president.
This defeat, says the Frankfurt daily, "could mark the beginning of the end of the Erdogan era, especially as his party, the AKP, could be weakened by splits."

Between Tehran and Washington, the tension is not going down

"The risk of a war is real and increases almost every day," alert the Handelsblatt, noting that Donald Trump himself indicated that a military strike against Iran was not suspended but postponed.

If Iran does not have the same military weight as the United States, it can however cause significant damage in the United States because of the key role played by the mullahs in many regional conflicts.

Finally, on its website, the Süddeutsche Zeitung was interested in the man behind the American sanctions: John Bolton, Donald Trump's national security advisor.
"At the White House, he represents the forces who want to repress Teheran as severely as possible and those who like military actions"concludes the Munich newspaper.

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