Iran raises rates of uranium enrichment and "IAEA" expresses its concern


Iran raises its uranium enrichment rates and the IAEA expresses concern

The International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] said on Monday that Iran had raised its uranium enrichment rate and expressed its concern over escalating tensions over Tehran's nuclear program.

The Agency's Director General Yukiya Amano stressed the need for Iran to fulfill its obligations in the nuclear agreement in full and expressed "its concern about the growing tensions related to the nuclear agreement", while urging the international powers to continue dialogue with Tehran, to maintain their commitment to the agreement.

On May 8, Iran announced that it no longer considered itself bound by heavy water and enriched uranium stockpiles, which were approved under the so-called "Comprehensive Joint Action Plan".

Amano told reporters later that the nuclear deal "is under tension," and stressed that "the rate of Iran's production of uranium is increasing" without specifying the proportion.

Tehran's decision came a year after US President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal, with Washington also imposing tough sanctions on Iran. Iran also said that "if other parties to the agreement do not speed up the effects of US sanctions, they will stop by early July The commitment to the degree of uranium enrichment and modifications to the Arak heavy water reactor. "

Two weeks ago, the IAEA's latest report said that while Iran's stockpile of heavy water had risen, it did not exceed the limits allowed under the nuclear deal. "However, Amano's speech on Monday differed from previous statements because it did not state clearly that Iran was committed to its obligations under Nuclear Agreement 2015.

Amano told reporters that given Iran's comments on May 8, "it is inappropriate for me to make the same statement that nothing has changed," but he stressed that the responsibility to determine whether Iran violated the nuclear agreement, does not fall on the International Energy Agency The latest report of the agency noted that "technical discussions are under way" with Iran regarding the installation of up to 33 advanced IR6 centrifuges, but the report did not disclose the substance of the talks.

"As I have consistently stressed, the commitments of the nuclear file that Iran has committed to in the comprehensive joint work plan represent a major achievement in nuclear verification," Amano said. "It is essential that Iran fully comply with its nuclear commitments under the comprehensive joint action plan."


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