Iran to enrich sectarianism in Iraq Hamid Al-Kilani


The terror of the Iranian regime after it was in the service of expanding the export project of the revolution turned with the beginning of the passage of one year from the decision of the American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement to the stage of consolidating the gains of terrorism to defend the regime, which puts the mandate of the Faqih in embarrassment with its imams and followers and militias and parties, Denied with the conditions of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the 12 buy for time or kill him or shoot some conditions without others.

The policy of exchanging some of the terms of the agreement relating to the nuclear weapons program in exchange for unspecified negotiations does not require the implementation of the rest of the paragraphs in the reasons of the American withdrawal, is a policy posed by Iran diplomacy in accordance with the will of the guide Ali Khamenei in the maneuver with the United States, although the facts on the ground confirms that the commandments go to The implementation of the traditional goals of the mandate of the Faqih, and crystallization and timing control even with the naivety of the justifications of the leaders attributed to it, such as those positions of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, which tried to reduce the importance of fires of wheat and barley, which devoured thousands of acres and Ma In addition to losses in the lives of farmers who lost their belongings.

The Prime Minister expressed his solidarity with the Ministry of Agriculture's proposals to deliberately burn the farmers to their land, because the burning of the soil will yield benefits in enriching the land and increasing its production in the coming seasons, without forgetting to pay attention to some mistakes.

That the leader of the militia to fire at the same time and with the contents contained in the press conference of the Prime Minister and also underestimated the size of losses, this can be only in coordination to invest the scorched land in sowing the intentions of the militias to capture the remnants of the sons of Mosul when the fires were linked there operations by the affected The terror of some individuals from the organization calling for revenge from their family farmers who returned to their land after the "liberation" Mosul.

The sedition and its sectarian aims are not dormant and the flames are meant to raise its head again by the decision and methodology of the dark cellars, and the policies emanating from them are related to the repercussions of a suffocating crisis that engulfs the rule of the jurist. Iraqis have to bear the costs of sanctions on Iran and pay expensive bills as a result of the retreat of the Iranian occupation from their country or the price of any collapse, legalization, marginalization, freezing or dissolution of militias in response to future concessions by Pompeo's conditions on Iranian arms in Iraq and the region.

Not far from the forced displacement, assassinations and arbitrary arrests in the province of Diyala from the capital Baghdad after the causes of sectarian freight targeted a security force led to the fall of a number of victims, including in the district of Tarmiyah, had slogans ready and prepared for the bulldozing of orchards and the displacement of citizens strongly despite the funeral assemblies set up by clans Baghdad belt to prevent the return of the scenario of the cliff area of ​​the rock, which turned into a closed area of ​​the Revolutionary Guards and training camps and private detention, and that is not hidden or secret information, but is a case of silent because behind the fate of the absentees and the appeals of the displaced forcibly, except for the killing of the father Their loyalty.

Diyala, the city of orchards adjacent to the Iranian border, is threatened with a fate similar to the Mosul and the Nakba "liberation", which means that Mosul has become a unit of measurement and warning mutual between the political forces in the provincial councils and the House of Representatives, who threatens to threaten the other Mosul, It is noteworthy that the province to which he belongs to the election or under its national and sectarian will not be another link.

Iraq is falling under the hammer of the mandate of the Faqih in the evocation of programs that raise the rate of enrichment of sectarian strife at the hands of those who disavow them from the leaders of the militias who profess the rule of law and the role of regular forces and security in the protection of citizens, but the truth lies in a force that outperforms some professional and professional bets in those devices Which suffer from incomprehensible referrals to senior officers to retire or move them to places they do not need, or to return some officers who are negligent with the militias to their positions transferred, despite the insistence of a number of officials from the provinces to be held accountable for the disclosure of their involvement in corruption or Facilitate the task of militias and mafias.

The demographic and sectarian change in the Baghdad belt is an Iranian settlement project that is preparing for concessions, political commitments and international security compromises in the region. It will get the Iranian presence and seek to trim the claws of the Revolutionary Guard in conjunction with Iran's threats to the United States or blackmailing the EU.

It is natural that the Baghdad belt in these circumstances does not attract the attention of the international community, but what is happening in it is a harbinger of serious changes in Iraqi affairs, which prompted some of them to demand the internationalization of Baghdad's geographical confines because it combines the contradictions of the Iranian project with its sustainable objectives. Iranian exponent in form and content. A belt will come to the rest of the hope of the unity of the Iraqis and their stability and Arabism.


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