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Jared Kouchner, adviser to Donald Trump and his brother-in-law in Bahrain's capital, Manama, on Tuesday (June 25, 2019) launched the economic aspect of the US peace plan to resolve the Middle East conflict, calling on Palestinians boycotting the Manama workshop to reconsider their position. ", Referring to what has become known as the" deal of the century ".

The "Peace to Prosperity" workshop is the first public conference on the long-awaited "century deal" or long-awaited US plan. The workshop focuses on the economic aspect only, noting that the political aspect which is unlikely to provide for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state may not be revealed until November next year..

The plan proposes attracting more than $ 50 billion in investments for the Palestinians, creating a million jobs for them and doubling their gross domestic product,. But the Palestinians are boycotting the workshop, saying that the economic side can not be discussed before discussing possible political solutions to the substance of the conflict.

"Consensus on an economic course is a prerequisite for resolving political issues that have not been resolved before," Kouchner said in a speech at the opening session of the two-day workshop. Kouchner, 38, in a speech overshadowed by figures and appeared to be a businessman on a screen, said a political solution was impossible to overcome..

The Trump administration will not give up the Palestinians

"My message (…) is that even though those who have failed you in the past say that the United States has not given up on you," he told the Palestinians. He said that the American plan to achieve peace is "the opportunity of the century" after he called in the media the label "deal century". "This effort should be referred to as the opportunity of the century if the leadership is brave enough to continue"He said.

"The economic growth and prosperity of the Palestinian people are not possible without a lasting and just political solution to the conflict, which guarantees the security of Israel and respects the dignity of the Palestinian people," he said. He acknowledged doubts about Trump's intentions, which recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but called on the Palestinians to adopt the economic side of the plan before entering politics.

From the economic gate, the US administration gathered at the lavish hotel in Bahrain at the opening dinner on Tuesday evening, officials from Gulf and Arab countries, Western officials and representatives of Israel, which has no diplomatic relations with Bahrain..

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