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The commander of the Minusma force, Lieutenant General Dennis Gyllensporre, said that the creation of this new sector of the Minusma "will better protect civilians and promote the return of the rule of law in the region".

But Ali Inogo Dolo, the mayor of the rural commune of Sangha, near Mopti, calls for peacekeepers to deploy in sensitive areas.

"The center is very large, we want the Minusma patrol between Madougou and Sangha, in this area that is very frequented by criminals, especially at night, they have to patrol and intervene if necessary."he suggests.

Redeployment of the administration

The Malian political scientist Moussa Sidibé recalls that the UN Security Council has mandated the Minusma to help the Malian state to redeploy to the regions it has abandoned.

"It can prevent further violence in the immediate future, and to have a lasting response, there must be forces that are permanently present in the area, these are communities that have always existed together. As the state is no longer there, these powers have been disbanded, which means that conflicts are resurging ", he argues.

An "emergency plan"

The Minusma has developed an "emergency plan" called Oryx.

Its mission is to "multiply patrols in sensitive areas so that the presence is visible, reassuring and dissuading", according to Mahamat Saleh Annadif, the boss of the Minusma.

As a reminder, the violence that has rocked this region for four years has reached alarming proportions with the massacre on March 23 of at least 160 Peuls in the village of Ogossagou, not far from the border with Burkina Faso. These massacres were attributed to dogon hunters.

Since then, killings have continued. Those of 9 June caused the death of 35 Dogons at Sobane Da, not to mention the massacres of Gangafani and Yoro, Dongon villages on June 17 that killed 41 people.

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