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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed her opposition to unilateral actions in international politics. "In some places, mistrust is being declared a government policy … without confidence as a foundation, international politics can not succeed," Merkel said on Saturday (June 22, 2019) at a conference of the Protestant Church in the German city of Dortmund.

Merkel's speech was greeted with applause from participants in the church's event. When the chancellor went to the speech platform, many of the attendees stood in the hall of the Vistvalenhallah convention center, which was full of applause. "We will consider this an exercise to relax," Merkel said.

In the context of the deepening crisis with Iran, the German chancellor said that the international community should seek a political solution to the Iran crisis, noting that the issue of Iran will be discussed at the G20 summit, which begins this week in Japan, albeit at the level of bilateral talks. "I say that this should not be just hope, but must be pursued with the utmost seriousness," she said. "I think there must be a political solution."

The German Chancellor's comments came after Trump said in a series of tweets that the United States was prepared to retaliate against Iran in three different locations but canceled the strikes 10 minutes ahead of schedule after telling him about the possible death toll.

On Wednesday night, Iran dropped a US military plane, claiming it had infiltrated into its airspace while the United States said the plane was flying over international waters.


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