Mohammed bin Rashid awakening Queen of thought and poetry Bngz new


Mohammed bin Rashid awakening Queen of thought and poetry Bngz new

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched a new poetic mystery at his official website in the social networking site "Entgram". To the owners of understanding and creativity provoke them the mind and queen of thinking and poetic talent.

This new poetic puzzle, rich in philosophical dimensions and rhetorical images that adorn the most poetic verses, in connection with the balance of wealth and wealth of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in this poetic area, over two decades, in an effort to restore the art of mysteries Poeticism to attend and influence again, after he was one of the poetic literary arts threatened to disappear.

The poetic mysteries presented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum provoke creative responses from poets across the Arab world from the Gulf to the ocean, in an interaction that reflects the historical and creative depth of this poetic art, which requires a lot of cognitive and linguistic potential And knowledge of the bard of poetry and the ability to blind, and abilities that are not prepared for each poet, and can not only the poets.

His Highness's interest in this poetic art is an extension of the Arab interest in this poetic art of all kinds, and in the context of his creative initiatives that enrich the arena of poetry and heritage.

Hence, the new poetic mystery, "a hidden and hidden mystery," comes to continue the traditions of His Highness in opening the doors of poetry dialogue between poets and people of the systems.

She guided me into the book

About a question that has no answer

The palm of her palm is like a child's muzzle

It is a feast in which there is hemoglobin

And sing the oud and sing and melody

And congratulations and spills spilled

The hips are still fine if they are

They have made good a method in which they are melted

Roses implants a willing and genie response

Everything has to be calculated

And the produce of things produces them

Logic is not in the scope of repentance

It is self and pleasures returned

In which the injured person is humiliated

People see it as minerals

He went out of their souls and dust

And strange brother but strange

I do not like walking the raven

Make mind argument and evidence

And to the mind of belonging minds

Two nice thick scarves

Kind of good mullah and the dog

Revealing things about my genius

In mirage his footsteps fall mirage

In its tarnish of filler flag

It is the understanding and the redness of the cuticle

And my question about the shadow of the unseen

The inclusiveness has a flowing range

And from horses, if thou hast understood it,

And in the events of the era Nap

Open to life and good Papa

And to die from it opens a door

And his pillar and then Emad

Accreditation and companionship of strangers

He has brothers in various names

Who do you see?

Is a hidden and hidden puzzle

Absent present in which there is suspicion

Did you know my intention if they knew me?

It was the pulp

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