Moscow receives heavy weight in escalation north - west Syria


Damascus – The Syrian regime continues to escalate with support from the Russian air force in the northwest, where air strikes killed at least 25 people, mostly civilians, in Idlib in the sixth week of a Russian-led military offensive that has so far killed hundreds of civilians.

Witnesses said the Russian Sukhoi aircraft carried out several raids that hit the town of Khan Sheikun, Kafr Batikh and several other villages, resulting in civilian casualties.

Moscow threw all its weight in the fierce military campaign launched by the Syrian regime on the last stronghold of the Syrian opposition in the northwest of the country, and failed all efforts to calm the escalation in the region between Turkey and Russia, where the latter carried Ankara not able to control the Sham Liberation Organization and abide by the cease-fire agreement In the region.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory confirmed that the Syrian army aircraft launched 65 air strikes on the city of Khan Sheikun in the southern Idlib countryside and other areas in the northern Hama countryside.

The Observatory, which documents the violence in Syria since 2011, estimated the number of civilian deaths since the end of April at 369, including 90 children, in areas controlled by the opposition factions in Idlib and Hama.

For more than a month, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, backed by the Russian air force, have launched a large-scale campaign against the opposition factions in Hama and Idlib, Syria's last major opposition stronghold.

The latest escalation in war-torn Syria has displaced thousands of people and raised fears of an almost eight-month-old truce in Idlib. Opposition factions have repeatedly attacked the regime's forces from time to time to stop its attempts to advance further.

Moscow last year concluded a ceasefire agreement with Ankara to prevent the attack by Syrian government forces on Idlib.


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