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Former US Attorney General Robert Mueller has agreed to testify publicly on July 17 about his report on the investigation of Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016, the House of Representatives Judiciary and Intelligence Committee said.

"Robert Mueller agreed to give his testimony to Congress under a summons," Senate House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff wrote on Twitter.

"Russia has attacked our democracy to help win Trump who has welcomed and used this assistance," Schiff said, "and as Mueller said this should make every American worried, and now every American will have the opportunity to hear directly from Muller." The head of the Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, said Mueller would testify "in an open session".

The Mueller report, published in April, identified numerous contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian-linked Russians, as well as evidence of the president's attempts at various occasions to impede the investigation.

Muller said in his first statement on the investigation on May 29 that the systems of the old Justice Department prevented him from charging Trump, despite at least 10 attempts at possible obstruction by the president.

Moller pointed out that the failure to charge Trump does not mean his acquittal, putting the ball in the court of Congress, which has constitutional powers and responsibility to follow up the case.

"The Americans have asked to hear directly from the Special Prosecutor so that they can understand what he and his team have examined, revealed and identified about Russia's attack on our democracy," Nadler and Schiff said in a joint statement.

Muller spent nearly two years investigating, finding insufficient evidence of a criminal conspiracy, and Trump's campaign welcomed and expected to benefit from stolen information published by Russian efforts.


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