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NASA will launch an unprecedented atomic clock on Monday (24 June) In a pilot mission to technology that can make a big difference in the way that man explores space, according to the site "Science Alert" US.

It will help Deep Space Atomic Clock Space vehicles determine their location and will help to make space navigation of distant objects in space more independent of the Earth and with greater accuracy and unprecedented speed..

The Atomic Clock of the Deep Space, developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is a ready-made space update for the atomic clocks we use here on Earth and for the hours that are already flying on satellites such as those that provide GPS (GPS).

Special Features

Atomic clocks combine crystalline oscillators and certain types of atoms to create better stability. This clock is 50 times more accurate than atomic clocks on a GPS satellite(GPS). According to NASA, it could take 10 million years for the clock to be wrong every second, according to the US space site.

What distinguishes the atomic clock is that it uses not only mercury atoms, but also charged mercury ions, so that they are not affected by environmental changes and will therefore be 50 times more stable than those used on GPS satellites (GPS) Also. Atomic clocks can also correct themselves.

After its launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a rocket "SpaceX Falcon Heavy" Scientists will select their accuracy during the first days and months.

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