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Tunisia opened their African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2019 football match with their Angolan counterpart 1/1 on Monday (24 June 2019) at the Suez Stadium in the first round of Group 5 matches held in Egypt until July 19. Next.

Tunisia captain Youssef Massacchi opened the scoring in the 34th minute and Djamela Campos equalized for the Angolan team in the 73rd minute. Both teams picked up their first point in the group, which also includes Mali and Mauritania.

The Tunisian team was the best team during most of the first half in terms of possession and pressure offensive, and threatened the Angolan goal in the third minute but the goal of progress came to Tunisia from the penalty kick in the 34th minute through Al-Masakai, and the team, "Carthage Eagles" greatly benefited from the movements of the brilliant Osama Al-Haddadi, Al-Tariqat and Khedida, and the technical touches of Al-Khoeiri and Elias Al-Sukhairi.

In the second half, the level was even closer between the two teams. The Angolan team was better placed and strengthened their confidence in the draw. Tunisia regained their attacking advantage in the final minutes, but their attempts did not bring about a new one-to-one draw.


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