Oman stops the entry of Syrian goods


Oman – Jordan announced on Tuesday that it had stopped the import of goods from Syria permanently in response to a similar decision by Damascus earlier.

In an interview with industrialists in the north of the country, Minister of Industry and Trade Tariq Hamouri said that his country "tried with Damascus to allow the importation of Jordanian industries, but received no response in this regard."

He pointed out that the decision is linked to a similar Syrian position.

Oman decided last April to ban the import of 194 goods from Syria, in light of the decline recorded by the country's exports since the beginning of this year.

The head of the Association of Jordanian Exporters of Agricultural Products Suleiman Al-Hayari recently said that "the export movement of Iraq and Syria recently through the ports of Trebil and Jaber Naseeb, non-existent."

He pointed out that "the weakness of the export movement to Iraq comes because of the fluctuation of Baghdad's position, while the lack of export movement with the Syrian side caused by the failure of Jordan to implement the agreements concluded with the Syrian side before the closure of the crossing."

Jaber crossing is considered an important share of cargo traffic in the Middle East. Before the Syrian crisis, hundreds of trucks passed daily, carrying goods from Syria, Turkey and Lebanon to the Gulf.

Life on the border between the two countries was restored eight months ago, after three years of closure because of the control of armed movements at the crossing.

During the Syrian crisis, which broke out in 2011, the trade exchange between the two neighbors fell to record levels to the limit of a final stop, up from $ 615 million a year in 2010.


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