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Iranian President Hassan Rowhani condemned the new US sanctions against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, calling it a "foolish, absurd and ridiculous move." "Any government with the lowest level of wisdom and sanity does not issue sanctions on the highest official in another country," Iranian media quoted Rowhani as saying on Tuesday. "In this case, not only sanctions have been imposed on a political official, but also religious, social and moral." "

He pointed out that "the leader of the revolution does not have money abroad until the sanctions, and all he owns is a modest and Husseiniya house." He said the new US sanctions against a number of Iranian officials "caused by the great confusion and underdevelopment and mental illness that hit the politicians of the White House." He stressed: "Iran does not fear America, but it depends on strategic patience."

US National Security Adviser John Bolton said he expected Washington's pressure on Iran to push it to the negotiating table. "Either they understand the meaning or … we will simply proceed with maximum pressure," he told reporters after meeting with his Russian and Israeli counterparts in Jerusalem. "I think that a combination of sanctions and other pressures is what will bring Iran to the negotiating table."

In a related development, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said his country had military information indicating that the US-launched plane dropped by Iran last week was in Iranian airspace. Patrushev, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, told reporters in Jerusalem that evidence from the United States that Iran was behind attacks on vessels in the Gulf of Oman was weak and unprofessional.

The remarks by the Russian president's aide came after a meeting with US national security adviser John Bolton and Israeli national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabat in Jerusalem.


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