Saeb Erekat tells what he saw when he died for 3 minutes


Saeb Erekat tells what he saw when he died for 3 minutes

The secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, described the details of what happened to him when he underwent a lung transplant, indicating that his heart stopped for 3 minutes and 20 seconds, then returned to life.

"The doctors told me that the time she died was three minutes and 20 seconds," Erekat said in a television interview for the first time program with the media. "I was later transferred to one of the sections to make what I saw during my death but I refused, It is not said in the future, that Saeb Erekat talk once and was hallucinatory. "

Erekat confirmed that there were things that happened after death, but he did not say them on the air. He said, "I am an ordinary man.

Saeb Erekat narrated part of what happened with him saying: "I did not get out of my body, because there is no body. I was walking quickly the wind, but not in the sky, but in something like a vacuum, "adding:" I saw certain faces I saw and I had helped in the past I do not remember her name and they pointed at me and suddenly Levit. "

In response to a question from Tony Khalife, if he had been told to return Saeb Erekat refused the answer and said, "Please, as much as I think his story."

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