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Saudi security forces arrested the "Amir" of the terrorist organization Islamic State in Yemen, the Saudi Arabian News Agency (SPA) reported on Tuesday (25 June 2019). The agency added that the arrest was made earlier this month and that the person concerned is called "Abu Osama al-Muhajir".

The agency said the operation also resulted in "the confiscation of a number of weapons and ammunition, laptops and computers, money in various currencies, electronic devices, GPS tracking devices and communication devices and other receipts".

For his part, the military alliance led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, the report said that "special forces Saudi and Yemeni" arrested the "Amir" organization "Islamic State" (Daash) in Yemen and a number of other leaders, in the process "inside Yemen," according to a statement issued Alliance.

The coalition said that "constant monitoring of one of the houses proved the presence of the Amir of the organization and members of it and the presence of three women and three children," without specifying the area in which the house is located. According to the statement, "no women and children were injured inside the house, there was no collateral damage to civilians"He said. He considered that the arrest of the "Amir" of the organization "is a painful blow to the organization of calling the terrorist, especially in Yemen"He said.

It is noteworthy that the "Abu Usama al-Muhajir" was not known either in the security circles or in media circles before.

H / H / A / H (AFP / Reuters)

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