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At Ahmed Sékou Touré High School, one of the largest high schools in the municipality of Matoto, candidates pass the last tests before the baccalaureate 2019. They discuss leaving the first test.

"We do the white baccalaureate, the tests take place in the best conditions and we also take revision courses," explains the student. "This is the first time I have passed the baccalaureate.The main difficulty we encountered this year is the strikes.Lucky for us, we could continue the year to the end," outbid this other.

Symbolbild: Schule im Kongo (picture-alliance / H. Heine)

In public schools, education programs were disrupted following strikes by the education union. According to the lecturers, arrangements have been made to make up lost classes by doubling the hours of work, explains Mory Kourouma, professor of geography. "In the calendar of the department, I have to give this course only once a week.As a result of the strikes, the resumption, it was question of finding two other hours, so it made me four hours of lessons per week which has allowed me to complete my program.Today, almost all programs are 100%, in any case at my level I finished. "

Symbolbild: Schule im Kongo (picture-alliance / P. Deloche)

In addition to remedial classes, revision sessions have been set up in several establishments in Conakry and in the interior of the country.

These courses were funded by parents of students. Mohamed Tounkara has a son who is preparing the undergraduate study certificate. "We have invested a lot in the work of revising children, and as a parent, seeing children without a level is not indifferent, everyone wants their child's progress, especially for exams," says Mr Tounkara.

The National Education states that all arrangements are made for successful national examinations. In addition, for the first time, the use of mobile phones and social networks could be banned during the tests.

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