Skoda Captures the First Pickup Pickup Truck


Malda Polizlav (Czech Republic) The Czech automaker Skoda has flexed its design, technical and technological muscles through a very elegant truck, which many expect to become one of the most popular cars in the world.

The company has never experienced the launch of pickup trucks, but the determination of a group of junior designers to come out with a distinctive copy of this category seemed more than wonderful.

Volkswagen's German-based Skoda posted on its Web site a six-minute video showing a car about how Montyak started off on the rough terrain.

At first sight it is hard to believe that a truck of this magnitude was the result of a creative work by a group of junior designers studying at Skoda Vocational School in Malda Polislav.

The company confirmed that it had hired about 35 trainees who had been assigned to its design department to create their test truck, which took them about eight months to complete this task.

The new pick-up is a modified version of Kodak's Kodiak model last year for the first time, but the new model comes with a more streamlined structure, a two-passenger cabin and LED lights mounted on the front and roof.

The car is equipped with special suspension systems, large wheels and dual shock absorbers to enable it to cross the most difficult off-road.

Thirty-five students from Skoda's professional school were able to create the first pickup within 8 months

In addition, developers have provided this 2.5-ton monster with a front-and-four-wheel drive, a single-wheel-drive control system and a special towing system to pull it out of swamps or muddy roads.

The students invested the large multi-purpose sports car Kodiak to convert it into a Montyac truck with a lighted bed with a hidden storage compartment underneath.

To make room for the bed, the students got rid of the rear doors of the car, which contained a four-cylinder turbocharged 190 horsepower engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission, and also made a new shorter roof with a LED strip mounted directly on the top of the windshield. .

The doors of this distinctive truck look shorter than normal Kodiak doors and are thicker to match the more powerful look of the exciting orange truck.

Montak, which took about 2,000 hours of trainees to design on 17-inch wheels, sits in chunky, off-road tires and extends the front and rear tracks by about 3 centimeters.

In addition to the extra impact of the wheels, a space has been added to increase the air intake, along with a crane attached to the front surrounded by the Bulb game to inform car lovers that it is not a normal Kodak.

The Skoda trainees also spent some time adjusting the interior. The backrestors feature matching orange body trimmings featuring a special logo that depicts the car in front of a mountain silhouette with the company logo.

The Montiac features a range of fine things, from a built-in refrigerator to a 2,000-watt amplifier connected to the amplifier. There is even an ornament in the three-dimensional wheel hub and two radios.


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