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Many of us recall the cartoon series in which Popeye's character is shown, whose muscle muscles rapidly grow and grow as soon as they eat spinach. A team of international researchers at the Free University of Berlin wanted to make sure that this effect was on athletes (archives of toxicology) Specialized in medical research. The result was surprising, to the point of thinking about adding spinach to the list of banned stimulants, how so?

According to the Spiegel German site, the supervisors of the study collected 46 athletes asked some of them to eat the substance of the ecstasy in the spinach for ten weeks and then do exercises such as jumping and weightlifting. The result was that the athletes who ate the substance of ecdystone performed better overall, and their muscles are stronger than others.

The effect of spinach-based ecstyron appears more in weight lifting exercises. Participants who took two tablets of this substance were able, after 10 days of exercise, to carry an additional 9.5 kg of weight for only 3.3 kg, for other participants who did not take acetestryone.

Says Maria Cristina of the Free University of Berlin in an interview with the German first channelARD : "Our hypothesis was to see an increase in athletic performance but we never expected to have that big difference"He said. Following this finding, the study team was advised to include the substance ICDRITERONE in the list of banned stimulants, but the decision remains in the hands of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Which provided financial support for the study.

Unlike concentrated ICDRITRON, spinach in circulation does not have the same effect on athletic performance. If you want to increase your physical strength through spinach, you have to eat a large amount of them, according to the site of Spiegel. For example, participants took 800 milligrams of aceredastronone daily, equivalent to more than six kilograms of natural spinach.

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