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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Sunday (June 23, 2019) at a reception marking the 100th anniversary of the German Federation for the Care of Graves of War Victims: "When the representatives of our democracy are threatened and attacked every day, This is a warning signal to our democracy".

The German president refers to the killing of conservative politician and local governor of Kassel in West Germany, Walter Lubke, as well as receiving local politicians and journalists letters and threats from people believed to belong to the extreme right. Steinmeier stressed that people working for the country must be united and supported.

When Steinmeier spoke directly about the murder of Lubke, Lubke, a local official who was a supporter of the policy of receiving refugees, said: "We should be ashamed of ourselves because we could not protect Walter Lubke"He said.

Steinmeier stressed that the threat of right-wing terrorism should not be underestimated. "But the perpetrator of extreme right-wing extremist violence is not only a source of danger, but a general climate or networks where people feel legitimate and encouraged to commit, Such crimes are also dangerous"He said.

Steinmeier is the sponsor of the union. Lubke was invited to the ceremony today, but was shot dead in front of his home in Kassel on June 2.

Germany's 45-year-old Stephanie is in custody on suspicion of aggravated crime. The federal prosecution assumes that there is an extreme right-wing background behind Lubke's murder.


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