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More than 160 German elements of the terrorist organization known as the "Islamic State" or "Dahesh" have been lost, and no information is available on their presence, the German Interior Ministry said in response to a question from the secretary-general of the Free Liberal Democratic Party ), Linda Twitberg.

The Interior Ministry document said that the largest number of those who traveled to Syria or Iraq had died in combat in recent years.

"These people may have succeeded in leaving or disappearing," the German ministry said in a statement. The German government says that because of the security measures adopted "can not get access to Germany without the knowledge of the German security services to remain an exception."

According to the Interior Ministry's letter, about 1050 of the Islamists who traveled returned about a quarter of them to Germany. Information is available on more than 220 people killed in Syria or Iraq. There is also information about a number of "three-digit" people involved in combat operations. Of those who have already emigrated from Germany, 124 are in Turkey, Iraq or Syria in prison or in custody.

"It is a matter of concern that the government should not take further action against the unannounced travel of elements of" Dahesh "to Germany, political director Twittberg told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday (June 23, 2019). She criticized the German government, saying: "It has no project in dealing with the former fighters of the former Germany." This applies to Germans held in war zones as well as former members of the "Da'ash" returnees to Germany.


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