The German government has learned of the anti - Iranian coalition from the media News -

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In its recent conflict with Iran, the United States is seeking to build a global alliance against Tehran, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday, before heading to Saudi Arabia on Monday (June 24, 2019).

The United States did not officially ask Berlin to take part in the alliance, and German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christopher Borger said Monday that the initiative of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been learned "through the media" only.

Pompeo said on Sunday that the alliance "extends not only to the Gulf states, but also to Asia and Europe." According to his statements, the alliance will be ready to defeat "the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism."

Asked whether the alliance was reminiscent of the "coalition of the willing" in the Iraq war in 2003, Burger said: "I think that such historical similarities should be treated very carefully."

Under George W. Bush's administration, the United States had allies in 2003 to launch a political and military offensive against Iraq under Saddam Hussein. NATO then split over Iraq. While countries such as Britain and Spain agreed to participate in the alliance, Germany and France opposed intervention in Iraq.


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